Top 3 Favorite Bags for Summer 2018

Bags are a real fashion accessory. I use the term real because it can either make or break your outfit. With this being said some may compliment a particular outift impeccably well while others may just not work. There are bags that can make a minute difference while others can easily transform your look. When deciding on the bag, it is important that you factor in your outfit of choice for the day and the occasion. Think about colour, size and functionality. I mean you can’t go to a wedding with a handbag. What an inconvenience that must be carrying a full-sized-bag from the church to joining in on pictures then there’s the reception, no can’t do! I have my everyday go-to bag which I occassionaly switch up and than there’s the ‘accessory’ type of bag’s, which are both equally important. The occasion is really the deciding factor here. It’s definitely something I can’t leave the house without, my fiancé can attest to it, lol. Even if I am just popping in to our local Spar, I always have it with me.  So I have grouped a couple of my current favorite bags below.

The Waist Bag


The Round Bag


The Straw Bag