Guilty – Not So Guilty Hair Update

Hey there 🙂

It has almost been a year since I’ve talked hair with you all. So, I am not sure if this is a guilty update or me just wanting to show off my not so new hair-do. Since my last post, see here I have had my hair keratin – treated and highlighted; blonde might I add. The treatment helped to strengthen my hair and in this my huuuur was growing like never before. Although I was not treating my hair on a regular basis I certainly saw the benefits it had on my hair. My weave temptations become a thing of the past and this made my mom so happy (inside giggles). Fast forward to now, I’m part of the bob-babes. How this happened? Well, I woke up one Saturday morning. Three weeks ago to be precise and it happened.  I am sorry, that’s all there is to it! Just like you I was hoping there was some spice to share, haha! You know the old saying “A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life”. I haven’t necessarily ever believed in it but all I am saying is I could do with a huge change in my bank account – maybe a million or two. Haha!

Before I bounce can we have a moment for this dress, how stunning? The fabric is so perfect (comfortable and flowy on my body) and the colour compliments my skin so beautifull. I am all kinds of obsessed. I received it from my friends at Yimlo, more than six months ago and when I cut my hair I told myself now is the time I wear this dress. I could not have been more right about the timing. Summer is here, vacation maybe? Sipping on some non alcoholic cocktails, in this number. Yaaaaas to it! Universe hear my wishes.

Anyhow, until next time. Xo

Dress by Yimlo