Line Spring Review

Line Spring is a local artificial eyelash manufacturer. They currently have a selection of two sets of strip eyelashes one being The Perfect Fit Wispy Lashes and the other being The Vault Series, both sets are cruelty freeThe brand prides itself on delivering the best service to their consumers (very important in my book), at an affordable price. I placed my order and received my lashes within two days of purchase and it was hassle – free. So now that I have given you a young background on Line Spring, let’s move onto the lashes!

The Perfect Fit Wispy Lashes

The Perfect Fit Wispy Lashes is very lightweight, to my disappointment it was not as wispy as it appeared online. My initial thought when I saw it was (Eylure 117). It appears very similar in the box but as soon as I apply it, it almost looses its texture and wisp. I like to reuse my lashes but the lash band is so fragile it makes it almost impossible to reuse The Perfect Fit Wispy Lashes. So the durability is another let down for me. However, if I were to be fair by not comparing it to the Eylure lashes, The Perfect Fit Wispy Lashes is a great quality of style lashes, not to mention affordable. I particularly like using it on my clients, they appear natural but flirty enough to draw attention to the eyes. What I really appreciate about The Perfect Fit Wispy Lashes is that it has been designed to fit perfectly, so there’s no need for trimming. It retails for R200 for a pair of five Perfect Fit Wispy Lashes unlike The Vault series that has a selection of seven different pairs.

The Vault Series

The Vault Series consists of seven pairs but is sold in three pairs and the set of three retails for R225. These lashes are faux mink lashes and my personal favorite set. The lash band is certainly more durable, thanks to the thicker band. The first pair is called 3D glam and it is very wispy and has a beautiful flair towards the end of the lash. The second pair is called Wispy Plus and is the longest pair in length and most uniform in style. The last pair is my favourite pair in this set. It is called Updated and is densely packed, perfectly curved and adds all the elegent-drama I need.

Shipping is free for orders R400 and above and R50 for orders below R400.

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