Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor Review & Try On

Today I am reviewing and trying on the Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in the shades Lady Be Good, Tailored To Tease and Feel So Grand. It retails for R300 each and consists of a wide selection of colours to choose from. I am particularly fond of matte lipliners so I don’t have any noteworthy matte liquid  liglosses to compare this with but what I can say about this matte liquid lipcolour is that it’s nothing short of amazing. It has become my go-to lip product when I am wearing makeup and I’ll tell you why.

Packaging: The design is true to Mac; it’s simple yet flattering to the eye. I like that they’ve managed to make the lid identical to the Mac lipsticks. The applicator is pointed in the front and this makes it easy to outline my lips and to get into the corners of my lips.

Pigmentation: I was pretty impressed with the pigmentation. Particularly with Lady Be Good, I thought I’d have to apply at least two coats to get the true pigmentation but to my surprise one application had done the job. It’s opaque and the coverage for  Lady Be Good, Tailored To Tease and Feel So Grand is amazing.

Texture: It has a liquid feel to it with a hint of creamy textures. It applies like a dream and it dries almost instantly but still allows you to rub your lips against one another to evenly distribute the product without become tacky. It has a matte finish and feels very comfortable on my lips.

Longevity: It lasts a decent four hours on my lips with meals included and I avoid oily foods on days when I am wearing it, to further ensure less touch up’s. I particularly enjoying wearing it when I know a long day awaits me because I only touch up once, if needed.

Tips on applying the Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Ensure that you exfoliate (to remove any dead skin on your lips) and moisturize (to ensure that your lips are smooth and hydrated) before applying it.

Start by outlining your lips then proceed to filling in the entire lip.

Less is more; to ensure for a easy application apply just enough product to your lips because it may become clumpy if you apply too much.

Lady Be Good

Tailored to Tease

Feels So Grand

Watch the video below to see me try on the each colour.