Well, Hello Winter!

I am hesitantly starting to accept that the cold is here to stay, well at least for a couple of months until Spring elegantly dethrones it. I said this a year ago; I’m always thrilled by the anticipation of winter’s fashion. During winter I see two types of people – people who subconsciously dress like a hobo and the type of people who epitomize millennial winter street style. Let me further elaborate on my rather short list of reasons why I love winter; snuggly nights watching Before I Met You for the sole purpose of crying, while sipping on my favourite winter-drink (hot chocolate), best part of it! Then moving onto the only reason I find winter to be an absolute pain in my chest; my feet suffer, why does my feet have to suffer so much from the cold? and when I’m not cold proof enough I suffer from weird allergies. The weirdest, as in never heard of kind of allergies so weird that I can’t type it out for you all to read. So I’ll have to get myself a long-over due onsies and heated slippers which I recently heard of (how awesome?).

Anyhow enough of my love hate relationship with winter, here are my outfit details;

Turtleneck : Foschini

Jeans : Mr Price

Heels : Zoom