My Top 3 Go -To Catrice Nailpolishes

Monthly pamper dates to the salon (by myself) to get a set of acrylic or gel nails is so therapeutic but it can become a costly ‘necassity’. Apart from the initial application, there’s a two week re-fill, not forgetting soak-offs and the added damage it causes your natural nails. While I like treating myself, I always try to save where I can. So, I prefer doing my nails myself not only to save a buck or two but because I am that fussy customer, so I prefer to spare myself the disappointment. Overtime, I have taught myself how to do acrylic nails but it’s so time consuming. So I just opt for stick on’s, a coat of nail polish, top coat and my nails look like it’s has been done by a professional. Whether it’s natural or stick on’s, I alternate between three nail polishes from Catrice Cosmetics and the gel top coat from Essence Cosmetics. I am sharing this with you because not only is the nailpolish affordable but the colour pay-off is absolutely beautiful.

1. Caramel Confession (Moire Shine) – Luxury Nudes

This shade is my absolute fav amongst the three, it has a beautiful subtle pearl undertone and it’s the perfect shade of nude. It compliments my skin tone beautifully and pairs perfectly with any colour, during any season.

2. Sweet Macaron Sin – Ultimate

This is my in-between shade, not too bold and not too subtle. When I want to go for something that’s subtle but pretty I tend to go for this nail polish. Also, this colour is a huge trend so I am always in harmony with the trendi-verse when I wear this shade.

3. Vino Tinto – Ultimate

Like I previously mentioned; I am not fond of bold-dark nail polishes but I found myself trying out this shade in the isle of Dischem and I liked it immediately. This colour is most striking amongst the three, the colour pay-off is bomb and it’s the perfect go-to nail polish for winter!