My Makeup Essentials : Tools and Brushes for Beginners

This is a follow up to my makeup essentials (products for beginners) If you haven’t checked it out please click the link above because it’s important that you know the products needed to create a flawless ‘facebeat’. Speaking of flawless, the right tools can make your makeup application process absolutely seamless, and with the help of my how to makeup videos, girl…you will be serving makeup looks in no time. I know most of you newbies must be thinking, the brushes will probably cost you a hefty amount. But not to worry, they are all budget friendly, easily accessible and some of them are multipurpose tools. So, you might just have some change left (for more makeup). Haha!

1. Makeup Sponge

My makeup sponge is one of my favourite and most convenient tool in my makeup kit. It’s easy to clean and I appreciate not having to spend hours waiting for it to dry, unlike makeup brushes. On that note; it’s imperative that you dampen the sponge before using it by running it under water for a couple of seconds and remember to squeeze out any excess water. Dampening the sponge ensures that less product is absorbed by the sponge. It’s great for any skin type, makes applying and blending both cream and liquid products an absolute pleasure. It can be time consuming but I assure you that your makeup will look flawless. I use my sponge to apply my foundation, concealer and translucent powder. Talk about convenient? I recently purchased the Urban Studio Sponge and it retails for R74.95 at Dischem pharmacies. I am yet to use it but I have heard many good things about to it and it is said to be a dupe for the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge.

2. Setting Powder & Large Powder Brush

I prefer using two powder brushes. The small brush to dust off my translucent powder, where I have used the ‘baking’ technique and the large brush for the rest of my face. The large powder brush should do you just fine, for now. I purchased both brushes from Clicks and both brushes are by Real Techniques. The larger powder brush retails for R230.00 and the setting brush, R105.00.

3. Blush Brush

I use my blush brush to add warmth to my cheeks. This brush is by Real Techniques and available at Clicks retailing for R200. The makeup brand Cala which produces makeup brushes also has some affordable blush brushes.

4. Detailer/Concealer Brush

I use the detailer brush from the Real Techniques Core Collection which retails for R470.00. The set contains four brushes (Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush and a Buffing Brush). I use this brush to define and clean up any imperfections around my eyebrows.

5. Angled Brush

An angled eyebrow brush is used to pick up and apply powder or gel based products to the eyebrows. This angled brush is by Cala and it retails for R47.95 at Dischem Pharmacies. This brush can also be used to apply gel eyeliner.

6. Flat Applicator Brush

I use the Avon applicator brush to apply products onto my mobile eyelid. I am not sure of the exact price, but I think it retails between R40 – R60. Cala also has affordable applicator brushes.

7. Blending Brush

I use my Cala blending brush to blend and diffuse eyeshadow. It retails for R39.95 at Dischem pharmacies.

8. Spooly

Spooly brushes are used to comb out brow hairs and to ensure that the hair is in the desired direction. When it is combed out it makes it easier to see where brow product is needed. I generally purchase the bulk spooly pack from Dischem.

9. Eyelash Curler & Tweezers

Eyelash curlers makes your eyelashes appear longer and can be a great alternative for mascara on a no makeup day. Side note, use the eyelash curler before applying mascara because you might damage your eyelashes, if you apply it after applying mascara. Tweezers are a must have; to clean up and shape your eyebrows, when low on cash or when you’re lazy to visit your go-to eyebrow thread lady. Tweezers makes its easy to pick false eyelashes and to apply it to your lashline. I purchased both my tweezers and eyelash curler from Dischem.

I know all these brushes might seem all too many but they all serve a good and important purpose in making your makeup look flawless.