My Truth

Most of you are probably sleeping in or out catching up with a friend over breakfast because….long weekend. While some of us casually stroll down colourful corridors to sit in front of a computer, all day long. I have never liked the desk life. It makes me anxious because I feel boxed by the walls and like all of my previous office jobs, I eventually become disinterested.  Unless of course I work 3-5 hours per day and my job allows me to be out of the office (working) at least once a week. Speaking of…my contract ends in two weeks. I have not applied for any jobs and laid-back approach does not bother me. I guess, I would rather (for now) be unemployed until the universe answers my prayers, than to be stuck in a job that I hate. It’s not easy to just get  up and leave when you’re not happy and I have once again been reminded here of. This year-long contract has taught me that my Yes and No plays such a vital role in the things I tolerate. So, I have made the decision to only say Yes to doing what makes me happy. Although, I must admit; it’s daunting to speak my truth but I know what I want and I am more than willing to go and get it.

About This Look

This look is absolutely flattering! It is so convenient on days when I want to look good without looking like I’ve spent hours deliberating on what to wear. I throw on a kimono, a loose-fitting camisole with jeans or leggings and my go-to ankle boots. To slay this trend; slightly drop the kimono from your shoulders and you’re good to go. It might feel awkward at first because you’d have to keep your arms bent to allow the kimono to rest on your forearm to prevent it from falling but once you get the hang of it you’ll be good.

Kimono : Cotton On

Camisole : H&M

Leggings :  Woolworths

Boots: Legit

Bag: Cotton On

Sunglasses: H&M

Neck piece: Mr Price