Review: LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation

I’m back with another review, as promised. Just in time before February whisks off. To those of you who celebrate the month of love I hope you were showered with affection, endless laughter and gifts of course: may it grow and continue throughout your relationship! Before I get carried away lets move onto the review. I am excited to share my thoughts on the LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Longwear Illuminating Foundation, just as excited as I was when I first tried it out the other day, while filming. I would have loved to share a demo with you but I had to scrap the video because the lighting was horrible and I haven’t had the time to re-film. However, the selfie should be suffice. If you’ve watched any of my makeup videos you would have noticed that I only use LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealers. So, I was elated to see the release of the HD foundation and could not wait for it to come to South Africa. Now that it’s here and I have tried it out, I am spilling all the beans!

Quality & OverviewThe foundation claims to be medium to full coverage. So, I was keen to put it to the test as I only use full coverage foundations because…blemishes. After trying it out, I must say OMG! I am thoroughly impressed with the coverage of this foundation. It covered all my blemishes and discolouration and that’s enough reason for me to repurchase it. The texture is runny and the finish is dewy. My skin type is combination so, I wanted to try it out without using any sort of oil-controlling products to see how ‘illuminating’ it really is and it sure is illuuuuminating! I had to powder my t-zone quite often so I will consider baking next time. Those of you who have oily skin types might not like this foundation because Dewy AF! Unless you use a matte primer and bake, bake, bake. And for the dry skin types you will looove this foundation. It will add all the glow your skin needs. It has an odd smell to it but it’s not an unbearable smell and it eventually fades away so it’s not a train smash. This foundation is lightweight, I went in with one and a half pumps and it didn’t look or feel heavy on my skin and it lasted a whole 9 hours. Isn’t it just wonderful to find something of great quality at an affordable price? It always is!

ShadesI bought the shade Bronze and it is a tad bit light for me. So I would need to mix Bronze with Warm Caramel to get the right shade because both shades on its own is either too light or too dark for my skin. It comes in a range of 15 shades and an additional lightener which is pure white. The lightener is used to lighten foundations, in case the shade you’ve bought is too dark alternatively to lighten your foundation during winter – because less sun means a lighter skin tone.

Packaging, Pricing & ExpirationThe foundation container is made of plastic and it looks very similar to The Makeup Forever HD Foundation. It has a pump which allows for a really convenient way of transferring product – you’re able to extract just the right amount of product and it’s time-saving. It retails for R175.00 at Dischem Pharmacies. Oh and Dischem has a Beauty Fair promotion; if you purchase any products on promotion you either receive a discount or a free item. I bought the foundation along with the LA Girl Shady Brow Pencil and received a cute complimentary cosmetics bag. Don’t say I didn’t tell you! It contains 28ml of product and the expiration date is 6 months after it has been opened. To see the expiration date for beauty products look for the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol, most products should have the symbol. It looks like a ‘pot’ with an open lid and it has a number and a letter on it. The number is the amount and the letter (m) for most products, indicates that it is in months. So if the symbol is 6m it means the expiration date is 6 months.

  Hit or Miss?           

 It ticks all the necessary boxes for me. So this one is a total HIT!