Watch: SwiitchBeauty Silicone Sponge Review & Demo

Hey dolls ūüôā

I’m back with another review! A little late¬†but I’m reviewing the¬†Silisponge and that’s all that matters right now. I will however share something new¬†with you again, later this month. So make sure you’re subscribed to my blog¬†and YouTube channel to be the first to know when I drop new content.

Lets get straight into it, most of you who follow makeup trends and¬†innovations would¬†know by now. Since late last year the beauty internet has been booming¬†with talks of the¬†Silisponge. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this makeup tool. It’s a silicone based makeup applicator, transparent in appearance and it is used to ideally apply liquid and cream products to your skin. It was created by a Hong Kong based beauty brand called Molly Cosmetics and was soon brought to South Africa. I purchased mine from Swiitch Beauty on pre-order for R99.99 Here’s their link in case you’re interested in purchasing this tool¬†¬†.

It caught the attention of makeup enthusiasts around the world for it’s noteworthy feature on absorbing zero product. Therefore using a lot less product and you know what that means, right?! You’ll be saving you $$$ on makeup. It’s very hygienic because it¬†doesn’t hold onto germs or product like most makeup applicators. Many claim that it is better than the¬†beauty blender, (from me) my beauty blender will for now remain my favourite go-to foundation/concealer applicator. The tool¬†is great for applying and spreading product¬†onto your face but I can use my fingers to do that, so? After blending the product using a tapping motion¬†my¬†foundation application seemed¬†flawless but I still needed a brush or beauty blender to effectively blend in the product. I have not tried using powder based products but I would imagine that it might be difficult because the product won’t be able to hold onto the tool. But enough of all the talking, I’ve done a demonstration in the video below. Watch it and share your thoughts, please and thank you!

I’m out, bye for now.