SwiitchBeauty #SlaysForDaysPalette Review & Swatches

Hey ladies!

This is my first product review and I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to share product reviews with you. But, I feel it’s time I share my personal opinion and experience on products and services related to things I love. I will be doing so at least once a month. Exciting right? I certainly am thrilled.

My first review is the #SlaysForDaysPalette by Swiitch Beauty as you may have read from the title. Here is a brief background for those of you who is not familiar with the brand Swiitch Beauty. It’s a local beauty brand founded in 2015 by 16 year old Rabia Ghoor and it is the leader in on-trend beauty tools and skincare in South Africa. Amazing right? #Girlpower #Goals #Inspired. Kudos to you girl! The brand prides itself in delivering quality products at an affordable price and this goes to show why Swiitch is dominating the beauty game in South Africa.

Quality & Overview

The palette consists of 35 eye shadows and it is beautifully balanced between mattes and shimmers *inserts in love emoji*. The colours range from warm neutrals, sunset shades to a variation of brown tones. The pigmentation is amazeballz. However you still need to prime your eyelids with an eye primer or concealer to get the true colour. The textures are so buttery it makes it an absolute pleasure using this palette! I believe this palette to be a replica of the Morphe 35O palette. I haven’t used the Morphe palette so I don’t know what the quality is like in comparison to Swiitch but the colours have been replicated 98%. The range of shadows allows you to easily create neutral everyday looks, sultry smokey eyes for date nights. Alternatively bright popping eyelids for summer, this is why it holds to its name #SlayForDaaaays!

Price & Service

It retails for R350.00 but I bought it on pre order for R299.00 and paid an additional R59.99 for shipping. So double thumbs up to the pricing 🙂  I was however disappointed by their service because I placed my order on the 26th of October and it stated on their website that all deliveries for the #SlaysForDaysPalette would be made before the 15th of November and will include a free #FlicksOnFleek eyeliner stencil kit. I only received my order on the 23rd of November without the free #FlicksOnFleek eyeliner stencil kit. Although my experience in using their services has not been the best that doesn’t mean I won’t be going back. At most, I hope someone from the customer services department at Swiitch is reading this and works on improving the service quality because it’s just as important as the product you’re selling.


I am not particularly a fan of the casing. I was expecting, well to be honest I was praying the casing would be transparent because it’s so practical and aesthetically pleasing to see an array of eye shadows without having to open the palette. The palette is very lightweight considering the number of eye shadow pans. The pans are not interchangeable which is ok because the palette has so many eye shadows and most of colours in this palette has at least one shade from its family so you can always hop onto the next one after the first has finished.

So that’s it for the #SlaysForDaysPalette review but for the final round up, I would definitely recommend this palette! To makeup artists, enthusiasts and the hoarders. And if you haven’t yet filled up your Christmas wish list this palette is a must and even if you have you won’t be breaking the bank so make sure you get this dream come true palette to #slay your way into 2017.

This is raw swatches, I did not edit any of the images. Swatches are from the top row to the bottom as in the palette.

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