Hair Talk

img_0553My journey to healthy tresses has been almost impossible because taking care of my natural hair has been a constant struggle for the last three years, if not longer. I couldn’t stand how uneven my natural hair was and that the growth process was extremely slow. Getting weft extensions meant I now had perfect looking tresses and no longer had to dedicate 3 hours of every Sunday to doing my hair. However, in the process I slowly stopped taking proper care of my natural hair. Overtime my hair became brittle and my scalp looked like a flake tornado. I attempted to take care of it diligently by following through with my hair care routine for a month only to loose patience every time because I expected immediate results. And come Sunday afternoon I would find reasons to convince my mom why going back to weft extensions was the better option only to shoot myself in the foot. Having my mom as my hair stylist made the temptation to stay away from extensions even harder because I had the benefit of getting it done in the comfort of my home at no cost. Let me tell you, extensions will damage your hair. So make sure you remove it regularly, wash your hair at least once a week, moisturise, and use ’em DIY hair masks, lastly give your hair some time to breath!

I have made a pledge to myself to take care of my hair because my hair is my crown and I want to wear it with pride and glory. It’s versatile and stubborn and I actually like that about my hair because I’d live such a boring life if I had pin straight – perfect hair. Extensions are too expensive anyway and the reward is certainly not worth risking a patchy hairline. Would I go back to extensions? I probably would, on occasion but I would opt for clip in’s only, even though I’m not particularly a fan of it.

I haven’t become a weave detractor but I ask that you take care of your natural hair ladies, especially under that weave. And, I know maintaining our hair is tough but it’s worth it. Although your hair is the biggest contributor to your image it doesn’t define you. So to every sister out there weave or no weave – keep slaying queen!


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