The Wrap Dress


I was honoured to witness a magical wonderland union. My friend looked beautiful alongside her now husband. I wore this dress to her wedding and I’ve been meaning to share it with you all October long. My appreciation for it to be more specific.

Here’s why investing in a wrap dress is worthwhile

  1. It’s a great go-to piece in the event of receiving a last minute call from your bestie asking to accompany her to a press launch. Alternatively, a wedding you knew about three months in advance but couldn’t find the right dress to match your new slingbacks.
  2.  We all know the constant struggle to finding something comfortable and flattering. The wrap dress ticks both boxes.
  3. Don’t you just hate going somewhere and feeling either overdressed or underdressed? I do! and that’s why the wrap dress perfectly balances the two.
  4. It’s versatile; can be paired with leggings and a pair of striking stilettos or left untied as a waterfall blazer with denim jeans.
  5. It works for any body type!

Outfit Details:

Dress : Woolworths
Heels : The Fix
Novelty Crossbody Bag: Mr Price