img_3545It’s halloween and this means we’re just about less than a quarter to closing off this year. I always find myself in awe come October – November because the honest reality of not fulfilling all my goals for the year suddenly dawns on me. It’s impossible to achieve every goal (says the subconscious mind) and that’s why we set unrealistic goals. To push ourselves beyond our limits, the limits we’ve created in hopes to destroy the word impossible.

This has been both my short and long term goal for everything I do in my life. To work so hard that I may forget that the fear to do even existed. To push beyond what I know, see and can imagine. Although, I am so far from conquering in this regard I am realising that some things require an abundance of patience, practice and determination.

What’s been your goals for 2016?

Before I go, Happy Halloween!

Naidene Maitland