My Top 6 Spring/Summer Makeup Trends


1. Faux Freckles

This trend is so fetching and easy to execute. Beauty experts around the world are recreating this look and it’s much more than imperfectly dotting on “freckles” to the nose and the cheeks. It allows women to embrace who we are and to celebrate every part that makes us uniquely different.

2. Glossy Eyelids

Dreamy vacation; on a beach, glowed up in sunblock lotion basking into fiery sunsets while sipping on coconut juice. That’s what comes to mind when I see glistening lids, it’s refreshing in such a subtle way.

3. Face Baking

This trend involves applying loose setting powder onto the areas where one would generally highlight using concealer. It is particularly ideal for summer as it keeps the t-zone matte throughout the day and leaves makeup looking flawless. The trick to creating a crease-less  finish is to allow the powder to set into your skin for a couple of minutes before dusting it off.

4. Barely There Makeup

As much as I love a good face beat everyday I am finding an interest in wearing minimal makeup, well at least  for work. This trend is quickly gaining momentum after Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara  attended the 2016 MTV VMA’S without makeup and more recently Kim Kardashian bare face, graced Paris Fashion Week. While I am all for #naturalgoals, I am far from giving it all up. Makeup sophisticates every women’s aura in some way or another, it enhances and that blissfully soothes my soul.

5. Glossy Lips

I am happy to see the return of glossy lips only because matte lips are so overdone.

6. Glitter Lids

We all love a little drama especially when it involves twinkles and sparkles, well I do. Okay, maybe not all the time but this trend is so ‘fancy nancy’, it makes me want to go to a really posh event, get dressed up in a ravishing gown to splash my face with glitter. You feel me?

What are your make up trends for 2016?