Three Items To Glam Up Any Outfit

Whether you’re rushing from the office to meet a long lost friend for dinner or simply want to revive your everyday style. Here’s a quick guide to glam up any outfit using three items.


Get a stylist, own every lipstick by Mac and swear to never wear those pumps from Mr Price but if you aren’t confident in your body, not even the thrilling sensation of a Chanel couture gown on your body would make you feel like a princess. How you feel about your body reflects itself in the way you carry yourself. Be weary of the type of energy you project of yourself, to yourself and the world. So ladies, before you go stalking the inter-webs on the latest trends and how to style them. Check yourself first, girl!


Ever wonder why make up enthusiasts still swoon over Ruby Woo? It’s the perfect shade of red AND it’s matte, best of both worlds? Certainly! This is why Marilyn Monroe’s sexy figure, signature retro waves not forgetting her striking red lips caught all of our attention, and still does. Find a bold lipstick that suits your personality, own it and strike up your game.


“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” This quote is so fitting to my thoughts on shoes. Whether I ‘wake up on the right side of the bed’ or not, every time I wear high-heels I feel a sense of empowerment and my confidence levels are boosted, I walk and talk like a Queen. There’s always a turn of heads in my direction. Sounds conceited, doesn’t it? but it’s the honest truth. The next time you’re wearing high-heels or any eye-catching shoe observe both your body language and other people’s. I am certain that I will receive a message from one of you reading this post to tell me that I was right and I will tell you, I told you so. Lol!

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