Spring In Me


This is my first spring post and I am feeling rather nostalgic over my younger, primary school days.

 Back then, we got to dress up on the first Friday of spring, formally known as civis day. Which always meant a day filled with chaos for the teachers and fun for us, of course. We would hoard up in groups, along the corridors chit chatting about other girls, guys and my favourite topic of the hour; predictions about who would take the best dressed title. Come break time the boys would run after us with water balloons in an attempt to wet us. So typical of boys, right? I remember being upset because my hair and new dress was wet but I recall more of the endless laughter that came with it. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt and I didn’t care who was watching.

Spring allows me to look at things in colour, to recognize the joy in my pocket and to remember the child in me.

Happy Spring Time, Beautiful People!