My Top Winter Items In One Look


Seasons come and go but winter has to be fashion’s favourite, aside for the frigid cold I always look forward to seeing different forms of layering and how people creatively curate an ensemble during winter. It requires a little more thinking and demands you to throw together your warm & fuzzy clothing to create one beautiful mess. I have narrowed down my winter favourites to three and although coats are secondary to polonecks, I will dedicate a post specially to it.

1. Polonecks

I like to call polonecks hug my neck sweaters, very original hey? LOL!  Any colour and design because it works for every and any occasion.  I’ve got old rugged HMNS which I wear with my pajamas, others trendy in design which are ideal for a quick switch up if I need to rush off somewhere and the reserved type for fancy occasions.

2. Knee-high Boots

Hello, sexy! That’s what pops to mind every time I pull my knee-high boots from its box. There are garments in my closet that just ‘make me feel some type of way’, like my black blazer; I can’t help but feel powerful every time I wear it. Whether I pair my knee-high boots with leggings or a skirt, I always feel a little more sexy it in.

3. Suede

I love suede through and through but this is a tough one because quality and maintenance is mandatory and although I bought this skirt solely for this post I might as well consider it redundant (low-grade quality 👎). I like that it has become available in different clothing forms; the button up skirt has to my favorite.

What’s your winter favourites?

Outfit Details

Poloneck: Zara

Skirt: Mr Price

Boots: Plum

Naidene Maitland