Off The Shoulder

DSC_0404 (1)This trend shouts elegance and sophistication in one garment. It’s flattering to the shoulders and posture. An instinctual ‘stomach in, chest out’ occurs when you’re wearing an off the shoulder piece. Which in an ideal world I would naturally do but in reality my back slouches after the first couple of hours of the day LOL. My favourite off the shoulder garment has to be the body-con dress and I am yet to find the perfect fit and colour.

I’ll be back soon.

Naidene Maitland


2 thoughts on “Off The Shoulder

  1. I Absolutely adore this look! The red lip and off the shoulder red knit bounce off the white perfectly.
    i’ve always had a thing for off-the-shoulder. my decollotage is one of the things i like most about my body, but like you, i struggle to find the perfect body-con that will suit the rest of my body.

    I have an athletic build (although i am not muscular) and have very little hip, small breasts, a small booty pop, and thick thighs/legs. it frustrates me that i can never get a body tight dress that will look as good as they do on amber rose or minnie dlamini.

    i want to look sexy and classy in a tight dress, but not look like a man in the process!
    what kind of dress/clour.material should i be looking for? and if the body-con is not for my particular build, what alternative dress cuts will leave me looking alluring?

    • Hey Obakeng 🙂

      Thank you!

      I personally believe that what you wear has a lot to do with how you carry yourself and how comfortable you feel with what you’re wearing. So, I could suggest what type of dress you should get but it’s really about how you feel about your body and the clothes you wear. However, try getting dresses that accentuate your decolletage since it’s your favourite body feature, also try getting a dress that’s just above or below your knee since you’re conscious of your thighs. Colour, I would suggest a colour that suits your skin tone but black is always a safe choice because it works for any season and you can wear the same dress multiple times just styling it differently and people would hardly notice that it’s the same dress.