A virtual reminder from the lady in stripes


February, already? for some of you the year started on the 1st of February. Another portion of you have officially kicked your diet plan to the curb, mentally cancelled your gym membership and ditched your goal list. A reminder to those of you who are continuing on the journey you started a month ago, those who have just started and to the few of you (I hope) who has dropped the bucket; our lives are improved by a simple shift in thought which consequentially manifests itself into action. However, nothing comes to life without our permission – be it spontaneously trying a new sport or giving up on your dreams. It’s all born from thoughts & ideas and we decide to go for it or not. This is what defines a winner. I have said this in a previous post, its all in making a decision, everything is, I believe. So, I’m here to let you know, whatever or wherever you aspire to be it starts here, you can make it happen!

About this look

Can we have a moment of virtual silence for my hair? I’m in hair-ven! This is by far my favourite hairstyle, it suits my face and sophisticates any look. I have kept this look simple and clean, best depicting my version of less is more in its finest form.

Until next time.

Naidene Maitland