The Half-Up Do


A change of hairstyle can easily transform ones appearance. Be it a change in colour, style, a big hair chop or an extension of long tresses. We often change it based on hair trends, a need for personal change or a quick jazz up for date night with the boyfriend. It is a vital contributor to our physical appearance and sense of style. Thanks to evolution, hair modification has become easier making hair chronicles all the more exciting. Since we’re on the subject of hair, let’s touch on ‘the half-up do’.

This hair trend quickly picked up momentum after international celebrities and models picked onto the trend. It’s become a personal favourite. I spent this past festive season basking in shorts, crop tops and sandals sporting a straight half-up bun. It’s an easy go-to hairstyle that works for off-duty looks. Here, I’ve switched it up by curling my hair and it broadens the hairstyle to a larger variety of looks. Easy to execute, this hairstyle can be done in a matter of minutes and suits anyone. Ideal for short and long hair.

What’s your current favourite hairstyle?