Hello 2016, Hello readers!


The new year is here and we are all ready set go with a new diet plan underway, a rigorous workout plan and an a-z on how we plan to take on the world with a bang this year. However, barely two weeks along you find yourself gradually slaking and cheating yourself through sessions with the hope of seeing it through ‘to the end’. There is one efficient element in committing oneself to anything which is really quite simple – make a decision and stick to it. Once the mind is set on achieving something everything else aligns itself with it. So guys and girls make that decision and stick to the program.

Before I move along  to the ‘abouts’ of this look. I have to mention, it’s good to be back!

About this look

If kept simple all white easily becomes classy and elegant. Hence, without any thought put in I opted for all white. The black courts on the contrary, we’ll they are new and I like them so we’ll consider them as white for now, LOL. The fabric of this blazer is lightweight making it ideal for our hot summer days. Paired with a white camisole and my now PERFECT trousers. We’ve all gone through the struggle of finding a perfect pair of white pants, haven’t we? Well, the trousers fit my waistline like a glove, I did however have the hemline altered and voila, perfection. Polishing off with a dainty two piece pearl necklace & earrings, all for under R50. Great bargain isn’t it?

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you all a prosperous year ahead and may you succeed in all that you do.

Naidene Maitland


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